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My favorite lawyer and closing attorney, David Lawler, recently posted some very useful information about “being ready”.  That information is posted below.  Please call on him if you need these services.  There is no one better!

As an attorney, I am passionate about helping people plan for the time when they leave this world.  In my experience, I’ve found that most people do not have an estate plan and truly have no idea what will happen to their property when they die.   Most assume that it will simply go to their spouse.  Rather than making an assumption, you should take steps to direct the way you want your estate handled.  Don’t leave decisions about your property up to the State! 
The solid core of an estate plan will include a Last Will & Testament, a Financial Power of Attorney and documents addressing Healthcare preferences (commonly known as a Living Will and a Healthcare Power of of Attorney).  If you do not have these documents in place, this email is for you!

Let my office assist you by creating and putting an attorney-prepared set of documents in place and save you some money!
Yes, there is a variety of Will-Preparation software out there that can fill in your name, address and a few other details on template documents.  Those programs, however, do not have the ability to listen to you and customize documents to your unique situation.  Many do not even cater their product to your State and the laws that apply therein.  Please be cautious when considering such software.
Putting an estate plan together is not a grueling task; it is more convenient than many people think. 
Click here to request my Estate Planning Guide and Estate Planning Questionnaire.  The Guide provides basic estate planning information in easy-to-understand language.  The Questionnaire becomes the worksheet from which I create your estate planning documents.  The whole process can be accomplished in less than a week!
As some of you know, I started doing estate planning not long after my father passed away.  As he died in December, I honor his memory by offering a December discount.  The normal fees are reduced by 30% for those who engage my services and pay their deposit by December 31. 
The cost for estate planning is greatly determined by the complexity of your situation.  Some families have straightforward concerns, while others have a multitude of unique issues needing to be addressed.  As such, setting a fixed price for an estate planning package is not possible.  However, if you call and give me a quick rundown of your situation, I can give you an estimate of the fee.  The final price will be determined upon my review of your completed Questionnaire and our initial consultation.  There is no fee for the review and initial consultation.
I hope that you all have estate plans firmly in place.  If you don’t, please act to correct that situation today.
David M. Lawler
Law Offices of David M. Lawler, Inc.

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