What do Real Estate Agents Want?

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Gwinnett County Homes, Gwinnett Real Estate, Home Buying, Home Loans In Georgia, Mortgages
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What do real estate agents want and expect from their loan officer? Great question!  I would love some feedback on this because I have heard them all.  I recently dealt with an agent that said not to call, email, text, or send carrier pigeon. Close on time and I’ll see you at closing.  Then there’s another agent that wants an email every morning by 10:00 stating the status of the loan.

My thoughts are simple. What if you were provided a weekly update?  What if you were notified any time something happened?  For instance, the appraisal is in, the title is in, or the file is out of underwriting.  I realize that all agents are different, just like all loan officers

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are different and I don’t have a problem with that.  I believe the agent should be kept up to speed as we move through the process.  I believe that an agent should never have to “wonder” what is going on with the loan.  I believe that if there is a problem the agent should know ASAP.

I know that some agents need more information and some need less.  I would suggest that the first time you speak with your loan officer, you tell them what you expect.  Then if they don’t live up to that, move on until you find one that meets and exceeds your expectations.  Find one that doesn’t like drama.  Find one that loves to communicate.  Find one that is willing to tell you NO when he or she knows a deal will not work.  Find one that you know has your back.  Find one that returns your calls immediately.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

About the Author:  Chuck Walden (NMLS #148160) is a loan officer with Prospect Mortgage.  Email Chuck at chuck.walden@prospectmtg.com or call 678-725-8076. Website is www.ChuckWalden.com

  1. Steve Rider says:

    I think setting expectations up front is the way to go. The agent expects certain things and the LO expects certain things. I tell people what I expect up front and if they don’t deliver, I move on. Say what you do and do what you say!

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